Linda Siert Johnson

Profile Updated: April 23, 2011
Residing In: Omaha, NE USA
Spouse/Partner: Dick
Occupation: college prof (retired)
Children: 2 girls; 6 grandchildren--3 boys and 3 girls, and all came as part of the package in our daughters' More…second marriages.
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After high school graduation I went to Carleton College with Dan Olson, Betty (who soon became Liz) Williams, and Julie Dickinson. I graduated in '65 and got a Masters degree in English Lit from Cornell University in '67, the same year I married Dick, a young attorney in Omaha who swept me off my feet (literally) when he arranged for us to take a helicopter ride over New York City during a trip he invited me on during my Thanksgiving break in '65.

After we got married, I finished my PhD at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, taught at UNL and UNO until Carrie, our first daughter, arrived in 1974. Tracy came two years later and I was a stay-at-home Mom involved with volunteer work, golf, the girls and the girls' horses until about 1989. The girls were competitive swimmers, gone from dawn's early light until dark, so I went back to teaching (at UNO) until Dick retired, about 1996.

Since then, we've done some great trips (China, Alaska, this year Africa), I've played a lot of golf, and have become an avid if not particularly accomplished gardener.

I still love to read, enjoy movies, the symphony, and local theater. I take a continuing interest in politics, have spent some time campaigning for Democratic candidates, and particularly enjoy being a walking scorer for the Doral Golf Tournament each winter in Florida when we visit our older daughter (St. Pete) and my brother ( Miami).

Our younger daughter lives in Omaha and, while I was quite certain when I graduated from Westside I'd never return here to live, it sure looks like I have and it sure looks like I'm likely to remain here for good. Life does have its little surprises, doesn't it?

School Story:

Perhaps because what is painful is also what is often most memorable, I have trouble forgetting those awful sessions in Junior High when Mrs. Meadows "conducted" the "choral readings." Aaargh!!!

I also remember the Social Studies teacher (though not her name) for our 7th grade year who quit because we were so awful (actually, because she lost control) when we kept throwing spitballs and flicking bobby pins into the acoustical tile on the ceiling of the classroom. That memory figured large when I decided to get a PhD so I wouldn't have to face teenagers as a teacher.

Among my favorite memories are the car, bus and train trips we took to out-of-town football and basketball games, the band's trip to the Orange Bowl, dances at Peony Park, Mr. Glidden's wearing a coathanger in his sport coat, and riding to school with Julie Dickinson in her model "A," where everything we saw out the window was herky-jerky just like an old-time movie.

Does anyone else remember the debate we had over whether the pep club should wear white gloves to games or not? Does anyone remember what we decided?

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:18 AM